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Farming Tips

Dreaming of opening your own alpaca farm? Get tips to turn aspirations into reality! The Farming Tips category offers practical advice for alpaca owners old and new. From budgeting and facility requirements when starting out, to handy equipment for shearing and hoof care, discover what it takes to run an efficient farm. Expert contributors share insider knowledge on pasture management, space considerations for herd size, integrating guard animals for protection, and more. Read up on zoned heating, ventilation, special temperature/humidity tools to keep alpacas comfortable in all conditions. The Farming Tips category gives farmers the blueprint for success!

Colorful digital illustration of alpacas and goats in a farmyard.

Farmyard Friends: The Compatibility of Alpacas and Goats

Curious about cohabitation? Find out if alpacas and goats make good roommates. Learn about the unique benefits and potential challenges of sharing space with these fascinating creatures. Get ready to be surprised by what you learn in this insightful article.

Realistic digital illustration of person interacting with alpaca in pastoral outdoor setting.

Safety First: Understanding the Risks of Alpacas

Curious about the potential dangers of alpacas? Learn how to stay safe when interacting with these unique animals and understand the key factors to consider when handling them. Discover why understanding their behavior is crucial for your safety.

scales for weighing alpaca crias

Scales for Weighing Alpaca Crias

Finding the perfect scale for your alpaca crias isn’t just about tracking growth—it’s key to their health. Let’s talk about precision, ease, and safety in weighing!